(Pocket-lint) - It's been a year since Virgin Media launched a Netflix application for its TiVo set-top-box, even adding an access channel in its electronic programme guide. However, although the paid TV platform is one of few to offer the service on its device, it has been criticised in the past for not offering the same feature set found elsewhere.

That has all changed with a latest update bringing many of the features offered by Netflix apps for other devices, such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is also slightly faster to operate than before, with video starting more quickly and the app itself benefitting from smoother loading.

One of the major changes is the addition of profiles. As found on the Netflix apps across many other platforms, you can now create and switch between profiles for individual members of the family. That means the app will remember each person's own preferences and saved shows and movies for watching later.

In addition, profiles can be set for children, who will have exclusive access to the kids section of the site. An adult profile cannot see the child-only portal, while a kid can only access age-appropriate programming.

Virgin Media users now also get the ability to start a show or film from the beginning when they resume something they started watching before. It will give that as an option alongside the ability to carry on from where they last left off.

Other design tweaks have been introduced to aid the usability of the app, while social network functionality adds the option to recommend content to Facebook friends.

Writing by Rik Henderson.