Virgin Media has launched new "big" bundles that offer all of its services for one fee. And if taken with the Big Kahuna bundle, a mobile SIM plan will cost just £5 a month with 250MB of data and unlimited calls and texts.

That bundle also includes 152Mb broadband, the TiVo TV service including HD and BT Sports channels, and a landline home phone. It will cost £50 a month with the mobile SIM, £45 a month without.

Another new big bundle, the Big Bang, includes 100Mb broadband, TiVo and a home phone line for £30 a month. A mobile SIM with the same amount of data, minutes and texts can be bolted on for the same £5 extra a month.

Both deals are on 18 month contracts. You will also have to pay telephone line rental of £15.99 a month.

At launch, the two bundles will be offered to existing Virgin Media customers. They will be available to new customers from the end of May.

"Our new bundles deliver unprecedented value as standard," said Dana Strong, chief operating officer at Virgin Media. "I’m delighted our current customers have the chance to enjoy this fantastic new flexibility and unparalleled value first."