Virgin Media has launched Virgin Media Cloud, its own cloud storage solution for its broadband customers.

The company has teamed with F-Secure, a third-party firm that specialises in digital security, to provide the service, which can be used to back up and store content from multiple devices.

Broadband customers get 5GB of free storage, with up to 10 people in a connected household able to get their own account.

For increased storage space, Virgin Media offers four monthly packages. You can get 50GB for £3.99 a month, 100GB for £5.99 a month, 250GB for £13.99 a month, and 500GB for £26.99 a month. Customers are also offered 100GB for free until 31 May, after which time the charges kick in.

Devices supported by Virgin Media Cloud include PC, Mac, Android (2.1 and above), iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (iOS 5 and above), Windows Phone 8 and desktop browsers.

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