Virgin Media will boost all broadband customers' speeds again, now offering up to 152Mbps for UK subscribers to its top package.

New customers are being offered up to 50Mbps on the Starter package (previously up to 30Mbps), and up to 100Mbps in its mid-range broadband package. All broadband services are also available in packages that also include access to Virgin Media's TiVo or HD TV offerings.

They all come with a landline phone connection, but the company now also offers deals with mobile SIMs instead, if you don't want a landline.

Existing customers will also be boosted over the coming 12 months, some having reported that they have already received an email from the company to say theirs have been switched over already. Those with up to 30Mbps broadband will get up to 50Mbps, those on 60Mbps will get 100Mbps, and those who have 120Mbps will get 152Mbps.

"Overwhelmingly people tell us the internet is a force for good. From daily life to the bigger aspects of society, culture and economic growth, digital is making a significant, positive difference to people’s lives,"said Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media CEO. "We're supercharging our network to ensure that Virgin Media customers can make the most of the online world."

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