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(Pocket-lint) - Virgin Media has announced that its TiVo service is now subscribed to by two million households in the UK. With almost four million TV subscribers in total, that means that half or more of them now use a TiVo box rather than the older V+ or V HD boxes and therefore make use of the recommendation service, apps and enhanced electronic programme guide.

The TiVo box, which is powered by software and metadata created by the US TiVo team, is unique in that it customises recording choices based on the shows you like or dislike - literally, with the use of thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on the remote.

Although Pocket-lint has had reports of people shifting away from their use, Virgin Media has revealed that they are still popular with customers. It claims that its TiVo subscribers used the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons 30 million times in 2013 - around 15 times per customer on average.

Other statistics revealed by Virgin Media include the fact that 519 million TV shows were accessed on demand last year through TiVo and that apps were sparked up 174 million times. We would imagine that BBC iPlayer accounted for a majority of that.

Also announced today is a deal between Virgin Media and Devicescape which will utilise the latter communication company's curated Wi-Fi network. This has the potential of creating Virgin Media Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK for customers to access while on the move. Although there has been no confirmation so far, this could be offered as a free service to existing and new subscribers.

Writing by Rik Henderson.