Virgin Media has brought Sesame Street back to the UK.

Those without children might not know that the long-running American pre-school show stopped being aired in Britain in 2011. Spin-offs have appeared on The Disney Channel and Channel 5, but the main show itself has been absent for more than two years.

Now Virgin Media has added it to its on-demand service, offering selected episodes from seasons 36 to 43. It also offers them for its subscribers online through Virgin TV Anywhere.

The five seasons acquired by Virgin Media feature appearances by celebrities including Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman, David Beckham, Bruno Mars and Ricky Gervais. But it's Elmo and the gang that the kids will no doubt love to see back on the family screen.

"The show has an incredible legacy for educational, fun programming and we’re honoured to bring it into the homes of Virgin TV families," said Nick Forward, director of TV at Virgin Media. "These series were never broadcast here so this will provide hours of fun for the little ones this summer - and probably a fair few nostalgic adults too who grew up with the show."