Although the BBC has decided to end its association with 3D broadcasting after the forthcoming Doctor Who special, Virgin Media is continuing to show its support for the stereoscopic video format. It has signed deals with Sony, Discovery and New Media Vision 3D to offer many hours of new 3D TV content on its on-demand service throughout July.

In addition, this month it has a selection of 3D movies available to rent on demand, including The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Oz the Great and Powerful, Wreck-it Ralph and Life of Pi. Jack the Giant Slayer will be joining the line-up from 22 July.

The 3D TV shows are available to watch for free.

"3D offers a unique and often breathtaking experience and our customers are making the most of Virgin Media's 3D on demand line-up to sit down and try it for themselves," says Kevin O'Neil, head of TV production management for the provider. "We offer our customers a wide choice of content and 3D at no extra cost is proving to be a valuable addition for many of our TV fans." 

Virgin Media has revealed that over one million 3D movies and TV shows have been watched on demand through its service.