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(Pocket-lint) - Hooray! Wi-Fi on London Underground stations is to remain free for all for the duration of 2012, Virgin Media has announced.

Already available in 72 Underground stations, enabling commuters to email, tweet and browse the web from the ticket halls down to the platform, the service will be rolled out by Virgin Media to more stops in the coming months. 

The announcement comes shortly after Virgin Media’s busiest day in terms of Tube passengers using the Wi-Fi service. On Friday 12 October, 1,121,637 connections were made to Virgin Media’s London Underground Wi-Fi portal.

According to Virgin Media, over 661,000 people now use the service with Waterloo, Victoria, King’s Cross and Oxford Circus reported to be the busiest stations.

From 2013, access to TfL travel information and updates along with London news and entertainment will remain free for all Underground users, but only subscribers to Virgin Media’s broadband and mobile services will be able to enjoy full online access. However, Virgin Media is in talks with other potential parties which could see them provide access to their Wi-Fi port for their own customers.

Pocket-lint tested out the service when it was first rolled out in June, enjoying speedy browsing, our first ever Underground tweet and even a Skype video call.

Writing by Danny Brogan. Originally published on 16 April 2013.