Virgin Media has officially unveiled details surrounding its Virgin TV Anywhere service, to be rolled out through both a website and mobile app this autumn.

The service will enable all Virgin TV customers to stream live TV on multiple devices as well as giving access to over 2,000 hours of video-on-demand. 

Customers will also be able to manage any planned recordings, browse listings, discover recommended shows and read up on the latest celebrity gossip, sharing any noteworthy gems on their social networks.

virgin media launches virgin tv anywhere for live streaming and video on demand image 2

As well as being able to manage and access the Virgin TV Anywhere service through a dedicated website, an app will be available to download. The app will enable TiVo customers to enjoy the multi-screen experience on their phone or tablet device as well as to access their Virgin TiVo box remotely. 

Your mobile device can then double up as remote control for your TiVo box, changing channels as well as pausing and fast-forwarding shows with the touch of a button or via gesture control. 

Though the Virgin TV Anywhere app will initially be available only on iOS devices  (free of charge), Virgin Media has said that other platforms, including Android, will be able to download it from 2013.