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(Pocket-lint) - Details on Virgin Media's TiVo companion iPad and iPhone app have finally been revealed, and the service could well knock Sky Go for six.

The Virgin TV Anywhere application will essentially offer the same experience as your TiVo box, only remotely - as long as you are connected to the same network in your house. That means you get full control over the electronic programme guide, including the setting of recordings and series links.


It will include the vast metadata database that TiVo has access to, so you can search for information on shows, movies, actors and the like. However, the sexiest feature is perhaps its forthcoming ability to stream live TV to an iPad or iPhone through one of the set-top-box's tuners. And Virgin Media promises access to catch-up and video-on-demand content too - in a Sky Anytime way.

virgin tv anywhere ios app revealed ideal companion to your tivo box image 2

At launch, it is understood that the TV Anywhere app will not allow a user to watch their own personal recordings on a mobile device, as is possible with the TiVo Stream box in the US, but it's a feature that is very much in the post.

Some are suggesting the the new application will be available this autumn, but we suspect that may slip a little considering Virgin Media's comment to us about the TiVo Stream's capabilities earlier today. "We're investigating this type of functionality for our customers, but nothing confirmed as yet," we were told by a company spokesperson.

We do know that an Android version of the app is also in development, so maybe that will end up being launched at the same time.

We're investigating this type of functionality for our customers, but nothing confirmed as yet,
Writing by Rik Henderson.