Almost 27 million people in the UK watched the London 2012 opening ceremony on Friday night on BBC One and BBC One HD, according to independent audience figures just released - and according to Virgin Media, they didn't multi-task in front of the TV either.

"Overall broadband network utilisation was similar to previous week, however at approx 9pm, we saw a significant drop in overall traffic (approx 18 per cent) until around 11pm as a result of people turning to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony on TV," Virgin Media exclusively told Pocket-lint.

Those numbers suggest that people stopped messing around on the internet and just watched the show put on by Danny Boyle and the thousands of actors, actresses, musicians, volunteers and athletes.

And it wasn't just broadband that Virgin Media customers stop using, but Virgin Media's own TiVo apps service as well.

"For TiVo, compared to the previous week, we saw a 75 per cent drop in IP traffic using the built-in broadband connection (for apps and service such as BBC iPlayer), with a significant drop from 9pm-midnight as customers tuned into the live Opening ceremony on TV," a spokesman confirmed.

Those who missed the opening ceremony were keen to use Virgin Media's TiVo service the next day, however.

The company says that it saw TiVo IP enjoy double its usual traffic from around 8am through to midnight with customers taking advantage of TiVo's ability to pull in live streams and on-demand content through its broadband connection.

That number ties in with official figures from the BBC which says it had 1.7m requests for the Olympics opening ceremony in BBC iPlayer, with 925k on Saturday alone - a record for a single day.

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