Londoners can now browse the web, tweet and send emails while waiting for their tube on the London Underground.

Virgin Media’s Wi-Fi service is now live at both King’s Cross and Warren Street stations, before being rolled out tomorrow at Oxford Circus and Green Park and then the following day at Victoria and Euston.

By the end of July a total of 80 tube stations will be Wi-Fi enabled with a further 40 by the end of 2012.

The service is free for all once they have registered their email address via Virgin Media’s login page and obviously ties in nicely with the London 2012 Olympics, with passengers able to stay up to speed with real-time travel news as well as keep people posted as to their whereabouts.

Virgin Media has partnered with TimeOut, Spotify and MyMovies.Net to provide tips as to what’s happening in London, exclusive playlists and movies trailers and celebrity gossip all of which will appear on Virgin Media’s portal page. 

Pocket-lint recommends you make the most of Virgin Media’s free Wi-Fi offering this summer, as we’d expect some charges to be introduced in the autumn.

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