Life Online, the world's first permanent gallery dedicated to the social, technological and cultural impact of the internet and the web, opens at the National Media Museum in Bradford, UK, tonight. And to celebrate the organiser, in conjunction with Virgin Media, has created a video with supporter and one of the "fathers of the internet" Vint Cerf, who explains some of the thinking behind the original foundations for the 'net.

Pocket-lint met up with computer scientist and ex-Google vice-president Cerf at the launch of the exhibition in London last week. He told us he never believed the internet would be so popular when co-creating it back in 1973.

"We predicted that there would be 256 networks, two per country, and then 16 million computers per nation," he said. "We ran out of that IPv4 32-bit address space in Februrary 2011."

The Life Online project has cost £2 million.It will cover two spaces and is being managed by Tom Woolley, curator of new media for the National Media Museum. It opens at 8pm this evening (29 March) and is free to visit.

More details can be found on the museum's website,

As an added bonus for watching the video, you can play spot the Dan Sung throughout. Pocket-lint's editor of features pops up more than once. You lucky souls.