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(Pocket-lint) - As of 2am 17 November, Virgin Media will be rolling out an update to all its Virgin Media TV powered by TiVo boxes. Different regions will be getting the major system upgrade over the next week, with customers advised to keep their box switched on or left in standby mode at 2am every night (morning) up to 24 November, as it is unknown which area will get it on which exact date.

Customers were told this information in a message that appeared on the TiVo box screen on 15 November - as reported on Pocket-lint earlier today. However, a letter has also been sent to each and every Virgin Media TiVo subscriber, which also details some of the major improvements or changes to the user interface of the Pocket-lint Gadget Award nominated set-top-box.

As well as support for a dedicated Virgin Media TiVo iPad app, other new features include better integration for BBC iPlayer, with catch-up content soon to be accessible through the TV Guide, the Catch Up & On Demand menus and TiVo Search & Browse - something that has not been fully implemented since the BBC iPlayer app was added.

Live pay per view events will soon be able to be bought through the TiVo menu system, rather than having to call Virgin Media by phone. The YouTube app will get a new look and videos will be able to be viewed in HD.

Text entry is to be made easier for those familiar with phone texting, as you will be able to enter letters through the numerical keypad on the remote control, rather than scrolling through the on-screen alphabet.

Express Series Link will give you the option to set a Series Link that will start 1 minute before a show begins and end 4 minutes after at the press of one button, and without you having to go through the rigmarole of setting the options manually.

Playlists will, finally, be skippable in Music on Demand (skip from track to track). And, finally, the other feature detailed so far is the ability to change PIN options so that you don't have to set your PIN code each time you watch a recording that was originally shown after the watershed. You will also be able to control access to apps and games.

Many more features and technical fixes are promised, but these are the ones Virgin Media has highlighted so far. Pocket-lint will bring you others in due course, as and when the actual update hits our area.

Not exactly part of the update, but it has also been revealed that Spotify is coming to the Virgin Media TiVo service, in the form of an app, on 29 November. Spotify Premium members will be able to access and stream from their accounts as of then.

Do you welcome these changes, or would you rather have seen others? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.