The TiVo team over at Virgin Media is engaging in some serious fist pumping and back slapping, and why the heck not? After all, the cable giant has just announced that, in the first 3 months of the mass availability of the service, its engineers have been installing TiVo systems at a rate of one a minute.

That rate means a total of 222,000 homes now have Virgin Media TiVo being piped into their telly boxes and also means that the total number of users quadrupled in the 3-month period.

Virgin Media has also been asking its customers about its viewing habits and has found that a third said they’re watching more TV as a result of their TiVo boxes and half think they’re watching better quality programmes.

80 per cent of users said that TiVo gives them "more freedom to watch more TV when they want to watch it" with half of people stating "they watch more catch-up TV than ever".

Virgin Media's appeal also grew recently when it was announced that it had struck a deal with Sky to allow its customers access to the satellite broadcaster's content on demand, without the need for a Sky subscription.

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