TV service provider Virgin Media has struck a deal with Sky that allows its customers access to the satellite broadcaster's content on demand, without the need for a Sky subscription. Shows like the Steven Spielberg-produced Terra Nova, Glee and An Idiot Abroad 2 are now available through the newly titled Sky Anytime on Virgin Media.

Additionally, the content on offer includes HD programming, where available (and if a customer has an appropriate set-top-box), and is gleaned from all of the Sky channels currently available on Virgin Media.

XL TV package subscribers are the first to receive access, and can therefore access catch-up shows from Sky 1, Sky Living, Sky Arts and Sky News for no extra charge. Plus, those who subscribe to the Sky Movies and Sky Sports packages will also soon be able to access VOD films and sporting events, such as Premier League highlights.

Virgin Media M+ TV customers and above will be able to access Sky Anytime on Virgin Media from early 2012.

A range of Sky's content will also be made available through the online Virgin Media Player.

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