Virgin Media has announced that since introducing its super-duper TiVo powered box, the way in which its customers view TV shows is changing.

The change in telly habits is, according to some interesting facts that the cable giant has released, leading to a move away from the traditional linear TV approach and into a much more personal and on-demand environment.

With respects to the new TiVo service VM states that 25 per cent of channel views did not originate from the EPG. It said that The Apprentice (starring Pocket-lint, of course) was the most searched for TV show and that half of the ten most searched for shows were not in BARB’s most watched top fifty, proving that the platform caters for a niche and varied audience.

In terms of video on demand across the whole Virgin Media TV customer base, there were a staggering 484 million total On Demand views in the first 6 months of 2011 with 258 million hours watched.

Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media said: "TV will never be the same again. Our TiVo Service takes television viewing to another level by seamlessly combining traditional channels and On Demand with the best of the web, making it easier to find and uncover amazing programmes.

"There’s such a vast world of great entertainment that it’s exciting our early adopters are already exploring what the TiVo Service can do and we’ll continue to refine and build upon our lead in connected TVs."

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