Virgin Media has released the first screenshot of its forthcoming TiVo iPad app, and apart from the colour scheme it's looking very much like the US TiVo application currently available on the Stateside iTunes App Store.

The company has yet to make a formal announcement over functionality and availability of the UK version of the software - apart from the fact that will link up with its Virgin Media TV powered by TiVo boxes - but the screengrab does reveal a few choice features:

For starters, the tab at the top suggests that the app will allow for individual control over different TiVo boxes installed in other rooms, as well as the main DVR. Plus, there's a share button which suggests that the application will have some form of social networking integration.

However, contrary to reports on some sites, we're pretty sure that the "Watch now" tab will not allow you to watch TV streamed from the box onto the iPad. Instead, it is likely to simply start the currently selected programme on your home TV. Or, perhaps, it will link to catch-up services and other apps, such as BBC iPlayer.

Other features of the US app that are likely to make the jump to this version include the comprehensive search functions that act in a similar way to the TiVo box itself, the gesture based remote control, the ability to browse and start shows in your recorded folders, and the ability to search for and schedule recordings when you're not in the house.

More information will be forthcoming in the next month or so, but as you can see from our cunning mock-up, we're sure the final app will look great on an actual iPad.