Mobile phones at music festivals fall into the catch-22 group. You need to take one so as you don't end up looking like Billy No Mates at the back of the tent watching Florence and the Machine, but you don't want to risk taking and losing your expensive smartphone after one too many visits to the cider tent.

Luckily, Virgin Media has announced, in time for its V festival (and the gazillion other UK music festivals) that the cheapo Alcatel produced VM665 is hitting its PAYG range.

At just £29.99, you won't be all that bothered if it does get lost in the mud, but at the same time it'll still let you keep in contact with your festival-buddies with calls, texts, emails (Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Hotmail all supported), Twitter and Facebook.

Plus there's a music player and FM radio on board - handy for around the tent - plus a 2-megapixel camera for getting some fun snaps (you'll need a microSD card though - up to 8GB - as the onboard storage is next to nothing).

Packed in a fuchsia pink and black chassis, the VM665 could also be the perfect phone for a tweenage girl. Yep, tweenage. Google it.

The VM665 is £29.99 when you buy £10 of credit. It's available now.