Virgin Media's 100Mb broadband service is now available to over four million British homes, and the service provider plans to switch over many more areas before the end of 2011.

Currently, 86 areas of the UK are able to get the superfast service, delivered through the company's extensive fibre optic cabling network. And new locations are being added to the list all of the time, with places such as Bromborough, Livingston, Horndean and Stretford being activated some time this month (June).

A full list of the areas already served by 100Mb broadband, and a time scale of when others will enjoy the service are available in pdf form from

Virgin Media's 100Mb service offers broadband speeds that are sixteen times the national average. It is capable of downloading an entire music album in around five seconds, a TV show in 30 seconds, and a high definition movie in approximately seven minutes.

It costs from either £35 per month when taken with a phone line package, or £45 per month as a standalone service.

The provider is also currently trialling 200Mb services and has undertaken a 1.5Gb cable broadband trial in East London.

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