Virgin Media XL broadband customers, hold on to your mouses (yeah we said mouses, not mice), as you're in store for a 10Mb speed boost - taking your speed up to 30Mb.

The upgrade, which won't add a penny to the monthly cost, will cost you £30 in an upgrade fee however, as you'll need a new "SuperHub", which is a combined DOCSIS 3.0 modem and router that is capable of Gigabit wired connectivity as well as dual-band n Wi-Fi.

The 30Mb service goes live on 1 February and if you take the XL plan with a Virgin Media home phone plan then you'll save £1.50 on the usual £20 fee.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media said: "As consumers continually demand more and more from their broadband, the unique power of our next-generation network means that we’re able to turn up the dial to meet their needs.

"With so many devices connecting to the internet at home these days, our new 30Mb service will give Virgin Media families that extra boost needed to make everything run smoothly, with speeds that don’t slow down depending on where you live."

Ernest Doku, technology expert at, said: "At a time when household budgets are strained and the demand for fast and reliable web access is at its peak, this is a hugely welcome offering from Virgin Media.    

"With a growing number of people sharing an internet connection in the home, getting online via smartphones, laptops and games consoles concurrently, the offer of a super-fast 30Mb internet connection with an unlimited download limit for under £20 per month is a great proposition.

"Virgin Media has raised the bar again in offering superfast connections at affordable rates. However, people should be aware that Virgin Media’s fibre-optic service does not presently cover the whole of the UK, so consumers need to ensure they check which providers and deals are available in their area."