Virgin Media is considering taking on the likes of BT Openzone and The Cloud by launching its own public Wi-Fi network.

A Virgin Media spokeswoman said that the cable giant, which specialises in fast-speed home broadband was "learning" from US company Cablevision, who has rolled out its own Wi-Fi network in New York that offered mobile browser speeds up to 5Mb.

The spokeswoman said: "Virgin is looking to make use of its existing infrastructure to extend its reach in the UK".

Virgin Media has its green boxes located all over our green (and grey) and pleasant land, so it would be easy enough for it to install the necessary routers to create public hotspots.

There's nothing concrete at the moment, but if the move does go ahead then it could be another incentive to jump on board the Virgin Media broadband bandwagon (presuming home broadband customers get free access to the network).

The cable company recently announced that its jump from 50Mb to 100Mb is set to begin, with pre-registrations now open on its website.

Would you welcome another public Wi-Fi network, and would free access on the fly be enough to convince you to get a cable laid in your house?