Virgin Media has announced its Stop The Broadband Con scheme, which aims to put an end to the misleading speeds that ISPs currently advertise.

It's a debate that has been pretty much done to death now, with most people aware that the speed you actually get with your connection isn't likely to match that of the advertised one.

However, it's still a contentious issue, and Virgin Media have pulled in the top dog, Mr Goatee beard himself to throw some weight behind the campaign.

"Staying connected is central to our lives and we all deserve broadband we can trust", said Richard Branson.

"I’m challenging all broadband providers to be honest with their customers and ask people to add their voice to the campaign by signing up to".

The site lets you check your broadband speed and compare it to what is being advertised by the top ISPs.

Virgin Media publishes its average broadband speeds monthly following an Ofcom broadband speeds report earlier this year, that highlighted a growing gap between current "up to" speed claims and the speeds actually being provided.

So head over to to see what speed you're surfing at.

Let us know what speed you get, compared to what your ISP promises using the comments function below.