Virgin Media has been talking up its ultra-fast 100Mb broadband plans for quite a time now, and finally the service is official.

Pre-registrations have opened for the service, which promises almost 20 times the average UK download speed (which stands at 5.2Mb).

The super-quick service also offers upload speeds of 10Mb, so you can get that video of you drunkenly falling over and breaking your arm up on the web before you've even been picked up by the ambulance.

The PM, David Cameron, has welcomed the arrival. He said: "We want to see superfast broadband brought to peoples’ homes and businesses right across the country and this exciting news takes us a step closer towards reaching that goal".

Neil Berkett, chief executive officer at Virgin Media said: "The launch of our 100Mb service is a significant milestone in the UK’s broadband evolution and a vivid illustration of the power of our next generation network. From establishing the UK’s first ever broadband service in 2000 to the launch of 100Mb in 2010, in the space of just ten years, Virgin Media has led the greatest developments in digital Britain".

The service doesn't come cheap though - £35 a month with a Virgin Media bundle, or £45 on its own. But, if you're serious about speed when it comes to the internet, there's not really another service in the UK that comes close.

You can pre-register now at and the service will begin to go live in December. The first areas to get it are parts of London, the South East and Yorkshire, with the roll-out expected to be completed by mid 2012.