A lot is made of broadband download speeds. In fact, when an ISP advertises its service, it's all about the downspeed.

But, with more and more content going the other way, and our reliance on the cloud growing by the day, then upload speeds are becoming increasingly important.

And, if you're the kind of guy that has to upload all of your pics in full resolution, or whose YouTube videos simply have to be uploaded in 1080p, then the news that Virgin Media has pumped up its broadband upload speeds, at no cost, will come as a nice little bonus. (Unless you're not using Virgin Media broadband, of course - in that case you'll probably just think, "meh").

On the M and L broadband package upload speeds have been doubled to up to 1MB, on the XL one you'll now get up to 2MB and on XXL you're looking at up to 5MB.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media said: "We’re once again pushing the boundaries of UK broadband with a true next generation broadband service that vastly outperforms struggling DSL-based services.

"With the huge growth in social networks these new upload speeds will help Virgin Media customers share their most precious moments and keep up with what friends and families are up to, whether it’s uploading to YouTube or even hosting a live videochat to show off baby’s first steps in high-definition."

Virgin Media has also announced plans for a new traffic management system at peak times, including increased allowances, which will "reserve at least 75 per cent of network resources for time-sensitive traffic, adjusting dynamically to overall network usage to ensure consistent performance for more customers".

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