For anyone fed-up with nonsensical and misleading broadband advertising, fear not as Virgin Media has decided to become the self-proclaimed bastions of the campaign to stop the tall tales of super-fast speeds.

The news comes on the heels of an Ofcom report, which slammed into certain providers for not getting anywhere near their stated "up to" speeds.

According to figures coming from the market research company ICM, 9/10 people find current broadband advertising misleading, "with many internet service providers (ISPs) advertising speeds of “up to” 20Mb or 24Mb while delivering an average speed of just 5Mb".

Another figure being bandied around is that 67 per cent of consumers were frustrated with "ISPs who routinely fail to deliver on their promises".

So from now on it looks as though we can all expect a bit more straight talk from ISPs as we're sure it won't be long before other broadband providers come out with similar statements. As Jon James, executive director of broadband, at Virgin Media said:

"People are paying for faster and faster broadband but being ripped off by unscrupulous providers who can’t deliver their promised speeds to even a single customer. A change in advertising is urgently needed to build consumer confidence in super-fast broadband and the industry more generally. In the meantime, I hope other ISPs will quickly follow Virgin Media’s lead by disclosing their own monthly performance data so people can make an informed decision about how to spend their money".

This is good news for all concerned, and as long as said data is made easily accessible, Pocket-lint-lint is giving this initiative the thumbs up.

We'd be interested to hear whether anyone is actually getting the "up to" speed stated on their package as all the companies, including Virgin media, appear to be still using it. Do you think this term is misleading? Let us know in the comments below.