Money might be a bit too tight at Five for a Freeview HD launch anytime this year, but Five HD is now available on Virgin Media.

We already knew the channel was on its way to Sky, but the news will come as a nice surprise for Virgin Media HD customers who will now have 13 HD channels on their EPGs and another 20 due later this summer including the big boys - Sky Sports and Sky Movies.

HD channels from all of the terrestrial broadcasters are now available in every Virgin Media TV tier to any customer who can receive HD programming.

Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at the provider, said:

“Five is delivering some really innovative schedules; picking some outstanding international series and pairing them with original home-grown shows.

"Our customers will now be able to enjoy the HD channels of every national terrestrial broadcaster as well as a rapidly growing roster from other broadcasters so we’re delighted to give our customers Five, in HD.”

Virgin Media is still playing catch-up to Sky in terms of HD channels - Murdoch's empire has 42 channels at present and this should be up to 50 by Christmas.

But it does have a load of HD programming available on the on-demand service, including the BBC iPlayer in HD.

Are you a Virgin Media customer or do you get your HD fix through one of Sky's little black dishes? And will the added HD quality be enough to convince you to watch Europa League football on Five next season? Give us your answers below.