Virgin Media has announced it is to become the first phone provider in the UK to offer new and existing customers free home phone to mobile calls.

Due to start from 1 April (but presumably no joke) Virgin says the move will give "families and frequent callers a chance to save hundreds on call charges to mobiles each year".

As you might expect, the free calls are if you are ringing a Virgin mobile, seeing Virgin pushing its "quadplay" packages to consumers looking to save.

The free-ness will vary depending on what package consumers are signed up to and calls have to be less than 60 minutes - although callers can hang up and ring back within that time frame.

Those on XL phone packages (£11.99 plus a £7.95 talk plan cost) will get the free calls all the time, L packages will get the free calls evenings and weekends, while M people will only get the free calls on weekends.

There's more info on the options, as well as full details of the deal, at