Virgin Media has given a name to its forthcoming music download service - "MusicFish" - and according to reports in Marketing magazine it'll be launching to the public in July. The company says that it's "making good progress".

The company, which already offers broadband, home phone and digital TV services, will charge £6.50 per month for the offering. That'll get you all-you-can-eat streaming music tracks and downloads at a price point lower than its chief competitor - Spotify.

However, it's not yet clear how the tracks will be delivered to the user. Most agree that Spotify's success has been largely down to its speed, its ease-of-use and its mobile applications. A competing service from Virgin that runs in a clunky web interface would struggle to gain traction against competition from Napster, We7, Sky Songs Grooveshark and other offerings.

 More on the details of the service will likely emerge nearer its launch in July. We'll keep you posted.