Virgin Media has announced the launch of a new high-speed 7.2Mbps mobile broadband USB modem.

Joining the existing 3.6Mbps mobile broadband offerings, Virgin Media says the new super-quick offering is one of the fastest ways to get online on the move - although it should be noted that spots where you can enjoy actual 7.2Mbps speeds are few and far between.

The new dongle is offered on a range of contracts and data limits, from 1 month rolling contracts up to 18-month contract with 1GB and 3GB data bundles available.

"We're thrilled to be offering this faster mobile broadband to our users", Graeme Oxby, executive director of mobile at Virgin Media says.

"If you're not at home or near a wireless connection, mobile broadband is the best way of staying connected on the move and we're delighted to be making this a speedier, more pleasant experience for our customers".