Toshiba has announced it is suing Imation, and others, over alleged infringements of some of Toshiba's DVD patents via products sold in the States under the Imation and Memorex brands.

The suit, filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin names Imation, Moser Baer India Limited, CMC Magnetics Corporation, Ritek Corporation, Glyphics Media Inc, Hotan Corporation, Khypermedia Corporation and Advanced Media Inc.

Toshiba's complaint seeks damages for "past infringement and requests that the court enjoin the sale, manufacture, and importation into the United States of recordable DVD media by the defendant companies named in the complaint".

Toshiba says the infringement has "negatively affected" Toshiba's business, and it wants monetary recompense as well as a stop to the supposed infringement.