Toshiba is working on a new technology that will improve the quality of YouTube videos when played back on a TV.

According to the TV maker, users in the future could be able to watch their favourite YouTube videos on their TV in better quality thanks to new technology it is developing.

"I saw new technology [from Toshiba] that will improve YouTube videos for playback on a TV when I was in Japan", Andy Bass, Toshiba's UK boss told a group of journalists at the company's spring launch event in Weybridge.

The comments came as Bass confirmed that in the past Toshiba's product range hasn't necessarily been at the cutting edge of the TV business.

"We've had good old fashioned nice products", said Andy Bass at Toshiba before promising: "In 2009 you will see a more stronger line-up from us".

Toshiba isn't the first TV and DVD manufacturer to court YouTube functionality in its kit. Earlier in the year LG launched a YouTube-enabled DVD player that allows you to access videos from the popular site when connected to the Internet.

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