Toshiba has announced a new range of REGZA televisions at its press conference at CES in Las Vegas.

Hoping not to alienate consumers struggling with the economic downturn, the company is pitching two ranges of televisions for consumers with different budgets over the next year.

Creating a sort of netbook range of televisions, the company will create a non-REGZA range and a spec-packed REGZA range.

Questioning IFA's "too thin" mentally, Toshiba asks whether people really are prepared to pay extra for thin TVs.

Also following the Sony 240Hz announcement at IFA in September last year, Toshiba has said that it too now has a 240Hz mode.

Promising a "quantum leap" in REGZA performance, the new televisions will offer a new design, better resolution via Toshiba's upscalling technology called Resolution plus, 240Hz motion blur, InstaPort for faster HDMI switching, the ability for it to automatically setup according to your living room lights and a "Deep Lagoon Design " which we have no idea how to explain, and by the sound of it neither do Toshiba.

The full line will be:

REGZA XV645 Series
40XV645U (May 2009)
46XV645U (May 2009)
52XV645U (May 2009)

REGZA ZV650 Series
42ZV650U (April 2009)
47ZV650U (April 2009)
52ZV650U (April 2009)

REGZA SV670 Series
46SV670U (May 2009)
55SV670U (May 2009)