Toshiba has said that it believes televisions and other AV devices will have a strong "connected" focus as the Japanese company launched new networked devices at its press conference at CES in Las Vegas.

Following Samsung and LG, the company has announced that it has tied up with Intel, Yahoo! with the widget channel and Microsoft with its Extender for Windows Media Center.

Toshiba believes that by integrating Extenders for Windows Media Center in Toshiba’s new AV products with Network Player capabilities, the devices will act as “hubs” for delivery of content anywhere in the home.

Toshiba has said that it plans to develop a standalone player, which acts as a hub for content delivery into the entertainment space. The new player can deliver content directly from the Internet, content from the PC with Extenders for Windows Media Center or from its built in DVD player with 1080p upconversion.

With an SD card slot and USB port for added flexibility, the device allows consumers to access their entertainment content in any room of the house and all at a value that consumers have come to expect.

The company has said that players with the connected element will be available in the second half of 2008.