Toshiba has announced what it plans to showcase at this year's CES show, perhaps hoping its theme of the "ultimate on-demand experience" will help consumers forget last year's HD DVD flavoured fiasco.

Taking the concept of total connectivity to the show floor, Toshiba will demonstrate a high performance "Cell" platform that it says brings superb picture quality and networking interactivity to TVs.

With real-time demos of super resolution imaging using a 56-inch, 4k x 2k pixel panel, the Tosh tech will upconvert from 1920 x 1080p to 3840 x 2160p, as well as upconverting internet video to high picture quality with its "Resolution+" technology in combination with newly developed noise reduction technology.

On the networking front, Toshiba plans to show networked AV products as well as REGZA LINK connectivity based on WirelessHD technology as well as high speed data transfers among digital products with TransferJet tech.

Toshiba will also display its "Spatial Motion Interface", an interactive 3D GUI that integrates a 3D-capturing infrared sensor that allows users to use hand movements to search for and navigate recorded content on a digital TV.

On the fun side, Toshiba will show concept models of future products will include NetworkStationery, an Internet notepad, plus a water resistant viewer, devices powered by DMFC, and a thin 5mm card-sized device.

Pocket-lint will aim to bring you more Toshiba news from the CES show floor later in the week.