Today in our countdown to Christmas gift guide we have for you a DVD player - but - no ordinary DVD player as it is the Toshiba XD-E500.

The XD-E500 is what is known as an upscaler. Such players have the ability to extend the image resolution of standard DVDs, but this particular one also has a special Tosh technology called XDE built in which adds three video processes claiming to give an even cleaner, sharper image.

An especially nice gift for anyone with a large DVD collection or someone looking to get the benefits from an HD TV, as well as the hardware, there's a nice added extra bundled in at the moment.

If you buy the XD-E500 it also comes with a year's subscription to worth around £100, giving you unlimited DVD rentals through the post for 12 months.

The only small print we can see is that you need to sign up for the LOVEFiLM gubbins within 7 days - but that shouldn't be too much of a chore in those quiet days between Christmas and New Year.

The cheapest we've found the player (on a fairly quick search) is from DSGi-owned for £99 which would save you £20 off its RRP.

Tune in for more Christmas ideas tomorrow.