Following the reports that Toshiba, losers in the HD disc format war, is prepping Blu-ray "killing" DVD technology, a new logo has been approved by the Tosh-led DVD Forum.

The new "DVD Download DL" logo has been given the okay by the Forum during its most recent Steering Committee meeting, leading to obvious speculation that this will be the brand for the new offering from Toshiba.

The previous reports said Toshiba is working on "an extension to the DVD format" which would upscale DVD to results comparable to Blu-ray, but will be much cheaper.

But it now seems as well as the improved image quality, Toshiba is looking to add interactivity and perhaps bonus material via internet connectivty - something it led the market on with its HD DVD format.

The Japanese news sources suggested that Toshiba will start to offer a DVD player based on the new technology within 6 months, so watch this space.