Toshiba has announced a new range of portable DVD players at its spring event in the UK.

Comprising of three separate models with very different designs and features, Toshiba’s 2008 portable DVD range meets a variety of different portable entertainment needs.

Each of the models share core features, with support for DVD, DVD-R/-RW, CD and CD-R/RW included across the range. DivX playback is present on all three models, with JPEG picture viewing, MP3 and WMA compatibility also supported as standard.

Sporting a 7-inch LCD widescreen and a 480 x 234 resolution, the SDP71 is Toshiba’s entry-level portable player and offers the consumer outstanding value for money. The model will feature a contrast ratio of 300:1, brightness of 250cd/m² and a battery life of up to 3 hours, each unit also comes packaged with a carry case and DC adaptor.

The SDP91 will offer a 9-inch LCD screen, 640 x 200 resolution and a stylish, matt-black design and a rotating display similar to that of a tablet PC.

Using a central swivel point, users will be able to rotate the screen up to 180 degrees. The SDP91 also offers a 350:1 contrast ratio, 200cd/m² brightness and a 5-hour battery life. A carry case and DC adapter are also included, providing added convenience for business travellers.

The SDP120DT features a 11.8-inch screen that offers a picture resolution of 793 x 493. It also offers an integrated digital tuner for full Freeview access. The player also features a four-in-one card reader compatible with SD, MMC, MS and xD memory is also included. AV inputs include HDMI and Component Video, allowing connection to camcorders, games consoles and other AV equipment. Remote control, headphones, a battery pack, and an AC adaptor are all included with the player as standard.