Following the news that Woolworths will only stock Blu-ray discs in its retail stores in the UK, the HD DVD Promotion Group has got in touch with us here at Pocket-lint to offer a statement on the subject, from Olivier Van Wynendaele, European assistant general manager, Consumer Products Division, Toshiba Information Systems, which reads as follows:

"We have been hugely successful in expanding the number of consumers owning HD DVD players. UK consumers can now pick-up an HD DVD player for less than £150, around half the cost of other HD formats. Even before pricing reached this level, HD DVD represented more than 60% of the overall standalone high definition market."

"Just as importantly for movie retailers, HD DVD has always enjoyed greater software sales per player than any other HD format. In fact, HD DVD owners have already bought around 3.5 movies each, compared to less than one movie sold per Blu-ray device."

"While we're disappointed by Woolworths' decision, it is extremely early to spot which format will eventually win. As the figures I mention show - where consumers have a choice, they choose HD DVD. We're confident that HD DVD's affordability, fantastic choice of movies, great consumer experience and upcoming promotions will help it continue to strengthen its share of the market."