Stating that as well as supporting the promotion of the HD DVD format, Toshiba is "committed to supporting all the current DVD technologies that consumers demand", the electronics company has launched new DVD-based products at CES.

Toshiba has enhanced its line of portable DVD players with larger screen sizes, extended battery life and swivel screens.

The top of the line SD-P1010S features a 10.2-inch, 800 x 400 resolution widescreen swivel display and five hours of battery life. DivX certified, the model also offers a 4-in-1 memory card slot.

The SD-P91S offers a 9-inch widescreen swivel display, five-hour battery life, dual headphone outputs, is DivX certified and supports WMA, MP3 and JPEG playback.

The SD-P71S is a 7-inch model that has also got a CES launch.

Three new models of LCD/DVD combo players have also been introduced. The new televisions, with slot-loading DVD players include the 22-inch 22LV505 with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, HDMI connectivity and depth of 2.95-inches.

Aimed at the second screen market, the 19LV505 offers a similar feature set in a 19-inch format whilst the 19LV506 is the same model in white.

New models of upconverting single deck DVD players were also launched. Toshiba's SD-6100 provides "near high-definition" via HDMI with upconversion to 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

Other functionality for this device includes Regza Link, digital cinema progressive scan, ColorStream Pro component video output, DivX certification and WMA, MP3 and JPEG playback. The SD-4100 is a similar model, but with less features is a more budget version.

New DVD Recorders have also been announced, the D-R140 single deck recorder offers 1080p upconversion, HDMI, and supports -R/RW and +R/RW recording and playback. The D-R560 offers a similar feature set, plus NTSC tuners.

Going back even further in terms of tech timeline, the D-VR660 that saw a CES launch today is a DVD Recorder/VCR combination for those relunctant to dump tapes.