Speculation is mounting that the Weinstein Company is reassessing its HD DVD only stance.

The "well-regarded" independent studio, described as one of the HD DVD Group's most high profile exclusive studio partners, has released films on the HD DVD format this year.

"Clerks", "Lucky Number Slevin" and "Harsh Times" have all seen launch on the Toshiba-backed format, but the fact that the studio have been "uncharacteristically quiet" about future releases has got tongues wagging.

There have been no releases or announcements from the Weinstein Company in over 4 months, despite some "highly anticipated" titles being scheduled for release soon.

The current speculation among industry insiders is that the company are re-evaluating their HD DVD only status.

When asked by High Def Digest to comment on these rumours, a Weinstein spokesperson said only: "We aren’t commenting on our high-def plans at this time", which isn't exactly a glowing endorsement to the HD DVD camp.