Toshiba announced its third generation HD DVD players for the European market, with two new models – the HD-EP30 and HD-EP35 – set to be available to consumers from October 2007. The HD-EP30 is set to retail at between 349 and 399 euros and HD-EP35 is set to retail at between 449 and 499 euros.

The new players boast 1080p image support and both the HD-EP30 and the HD-EP35 introduce new features to the HD DVD range REGZA-Link (HDMI, CEC-Link) connectivity and native 24 frames per second playback support.

In addition the HD-EP35 also supports High Bit Rate Audio (up to 7.1 channels) via HDMI. The 24 frames per second (24Hz) support means viewers will be able to watch movies how they are traditionally captured which should avoid motion judder.

While both new models also feature 1080p support the "step up" HD-EP35 includes Deep Colour support via HDMI.

This feature allows compatible display devices to deliver
outstanding video quality through an array of millions of possible colour pixels; blacks should appear deeper and more solid, while bright tones are so vivid they appear almost tangible.

Toshiba’s new REGZA-Link (HDMI-CEC) functionality. This feature offers the capability to control other CE devices with a single remote control.

Compatible with Toshiba’s REGZA-Link (HDMI-CEC) enabled REGZA 2007 LCD TV line-up, this new feature will allow the viewer to turn on their TV, HD DVD player and start playing a film simply by using the HD DVD player remote.

In terms of next generation audio, the HD-EP35 continues the support of 5.1 channel analogue output and is the first Toshiba model to support High Bit Rate Audio (up to 7.1 channels) via HDMI, while both players carry Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and DTS HD formats.