As well as the Z series Regza range, Toshiba also unveiled the Regza XF series of LCDs at IFA 2007.

Unlike the Z series though, no availability has been confirmed for this "groundbreaking" new range.

The big selling point for XF series is the super-slim exterior bezel measuring just 23mm – which, to put in context, is half the width of the current REGZA C Series.

This return to the "Picture Frame" aesthetic employed by Toshiba a few years ago seems to be a move to compete with the more design-led offerings from rival manufacturers.

The slim frames, available in glossy black or glossy metallic red, mean that consumers can fit a larger screen in a smaller space, so should appeal to anyone with space limitations.

Various Toshiba LCD technologies claim to ensure that the image matches up to the stylish exterior with picture quality taken care of with 10-bit colour processing, a wide colour gamut, 10,000:1 contrast, Active Vision LCD processing and 1080p.

Three HDMI inputs, Regza (CEC) link, digital tuner and Onkyo speaker system are also incorporated into the panels, to be available in 40- and 46-inches.