Toshiba has announced the availability of its 46-inch, 47-inch and 52-inch Regza LCD TVs as well as the upcoming availability of its largest ever LCD TV, a 57-inch Cinema Series model.

With the new model additions, Toshiba's Regza range will now be available in a wide range of screen sizes from 26 inches to 57 and in a variety of series including 1080p Full HD series and LX177 Cinema Series.

All Regza models incorporate key Toshiba technology including PixelPure3G 14 bit internal digital video processing for accurate 12 bit output and DynaLight dynamic backlight as well as Toshiba's SoundStrip speaker

The 1080p Full HD REGZA series adds additional features such as ColorBurst wide colour gamut CCFL, and CE-Link HDMI CEC control.

At the top of the line are the Cinema Series REGZA models, which incorporate cutting-edge technology such as the ClearFrame 120Hz anti-blur system and "Deep Color".

The full Regza range is available in America now from $799.99, with 57-inch model due in July.