Today at a conference in Kyoto, Japan, Toshiba unveiled its latest development in wireless technology.

The technology has been developed to enable consumers to transfer data between their home entertainment products wirelessly, so high density digital content such as HDVD footage, music and broadband downloads could be sent wirelessly between televisions, computers and DVD players, etc.

Toshiba has engineered a 60GHz CMOS receiver chip for the millimeter-wave band which could open up these kind of new possibilities for consumers who want to enjoy digital content in their homes, without it being tied to a specific room or having to install complicated wiring.

The wireless connection works over a high-speed 60GHz band, a frequency over ten times higher than that of wireless LAN, and although limited to a few metres, this allows data transfers at a rate of more than 1 gigabit a second.

The new process uses a low-cost CMOS process to achieve high-speed, highly-integrated wireless communications over short distances.

Although undeniably a break-through in this particular field of technology, this is not the first wireless solution for HD content, at CES 2007 Philip's demoed Wireless HDMI - an in-room solution that can transfer a 1080p signal wirelessly without any signal loss.