In a move that has a faint reek of desperation the companies behind HD DVD are launching a massive spring push for the struggling high-def format.

The campaign will see cinematic trailers designed to "educate consumers about the quality and value of HD DVD" run for 4 weeks from May in front of blockbusters such as Spider-Man 3 at 932 theatres and on 12,000 screens across America.

National CineMedia has promised the HD DVD group that these trailers should reach an audience of 30 million film goers.

In addition to this educational experience, Toshiba is offering a one month promotion for an instant, in-store rebate on select HD DVD players, bringing the price down to an industry-first sub-$300.

As of 20 May consumers buying a Toshiba HD-A2 model player will receive an immediate $100 instant rebate in store bagging the player for just $299.99.

And as if that wasn't enough, consumers who purchase any Toshiba HD DVD player can also get five HD DVD titles for free, choosing from a selection of 15 movies (some might joke the only 15 as yet released on HD DVD).

This seems to be another sign that HD DVD is losing the high-def format war. Disc sales figures recently released show rivals Blu-ray surging ahead in the high-tech battle.