Toshiba might be concentrating on bringing out a new range of High-Definition DVD players, but that hasn't stopped the company announcing a range of new players for those who aren't ready to make the format jump.

The company has announced a stack of new models across the DVD recorder, DVD/VCR combi, portable and standalone DVD player sectors.

Significant improvements to this year’s range include the full support of DVD+R/+RW playback, multidrive recording compatibility, the inclusion of HDMI output on more models and dual tuners (1 x analogue 1 x digital) on selected recorders.

Keeping in line with its three HD DVD players, all the new models now come in black to match the company's range of REGZA LCD televisions.

New standalone DVD players include the SD-370E and SD-270E entry-level DVD player. The new models incorporate PAL Progressive scan, DivX playback, component video outputs, MP3 playback and a JPEG picture viewer.

The SD-370E will include an HDMI output for connection to a HD ready TV, the SD-370E is able to upscale DVDs to deliver both 720p and 1080i signals.

In the DVD/VCR COMBI sector the company has announced the SD-38VB for those still believing that they want to watch VHS quality footage. The model includes the ability to simultaneously record via the incorporated analogue tuner and watch DVD discs in PAL progressive, and boasts a seven event, one month timer that includes Programme Delivery Control (PDC). DivX (up to version six), MP3 and JPEG support complete the package.

The bulk of the announcements are for DVD recorders with Hard Disk Drives (HDD). Toshiba has announced the DR-17DT (DVD Recorder), RD-87DT (DVD Recorder with HDD, RD-97DT (DVD Recorder with HDD), R17 (DVD / VHS Recorder), RD-XV47 (DVD / VHS Recorder with HDD), DV-R17 (DVD / VHS Recorder) and the RD-XV47 (DVD / VHS Recorder with HDD)

The DV-R17DT and RD-97DT are identical in looks and share many market leading features. Both include analogue and digital tuners as standard, allowing instant recording from over forty Freeview channels via an on screen, 7 day EPG with view/record, digital text, favourite channel list and parental lock functions. Additional features include PAL Progressive scan, component video output and Timeslip recording.

Most significantly, both recorders come fully prepared for the high definition era, supporting HDMI output and upscaling DVD images to 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

The RD-97DT adds a huge 250GB hard drive – allowing up to 424 hours of tapeless recording, as well as the ability to pause and rewind live TV and edit recorded broadcasts for archiving on DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW. It also features digital optical and coaxial outputs.

The D-VR17 and RD-XV47 offer support for both tape and disc media. Both models feature "chase play" recording, DivX support up to version six, PAL progressive scan, component video output, JPEG picture viewer and MP3 playback. Each unit also boasts five recording modes – including Super Extended Play – an eight event, 1 month timer and Programme Delivery Control (PDC) functionality. The RD-XV47 offers a 160GB.

Finally the company has launched two new portable DVD players; the SD-P1900 step-up portable DVD player and the SD-P1707 entry-level portable DVD Player.

The step-up SD-P1900 has a five hour battery life and nine-inch widescreen LCD panel with a 110 degree viewing angle. The slightly smaller SD-P1707 boasts a metallic silver finish, seven-inch widescreen LCD panel and three hour battery life.

Each player features a 480 x 234 screen resolution, 150:1 contrast ratio, extensive connectivity (including component video output for connecting to other AV equipment), DivX playback, JPEG picture viewer, MP3 and WMA playback. Both models also come complete with DC adaptor and carry case.