Toshiba has announced two new ranges of LCD television to complement its C-Series offering.

The new models, labelled the X and Z-Series will mean that Toshiba will follow Samsung and Sony's lead in offering users the chance to opt for a entry-level, mid-range and high spec LCD television.

The new X-Series will come in 40 and 46-inch models, come with 1080p support and have three HDMI sockets on the back for connecting everything from your PS3 to the company's own HD DVD players.

Other features include the company's Active Vision LCD technology and built in Freeview.

The new Z-Series will come in 37, 42, 47, 52, and 57-inch models, will also be 1080p ready as well as sporting those 3 HDMI sockets.

Differing from the X-Series it will have Active Vision M100 support which processing doubles the image frame refresh rate, promising less ficker whatever is being watched.

The Z series model is also finished in a luscious gloss black.

Expect the new models to be arriving later in the year. No price has yet been set.

We will keep you posted.