HD DVD is already considerably cheaper than its Blu-ray alternative, but Toshiba is looking to make it even more so with the rumour that its three HD DVD players are set to become even cheaper from next month.

According to reports online, on 1 April, its will apparently cut the price of its three-machine line-up by up to $200.

The high-end HDX-A2, mid-range HD-A20 and bottom-of-the-line HD-A2 currently retail for $1000, $600 and $500, respectively in the US, but in a recently published sales sheet from online retailer OneCall.com the prices of the two low end units will fall by $100 each to $500 and $400 respectively while the HDX-A2 (The HD-XE1 in the UK) will fall to $800.

A spokesman in the UK refused to comment on whether or not the price reductions would be coming to the UK.

We will keep you posted.