Toshiba has announced 13 new LCD televisions at CES 2007 in Las Vegas as apart of its REGZA range.

The new range includes new models ranging in size from 26 inches to 57 inches.

Toshiba has also announced a series of new technology features including PixelPure3G, DynaLight, ColorBurst, ClearFrame and CE-Link.

New models include six 720p models ranging from 26-inches to 42 inches in size. It will feature PixelPure3G which Tosh say will combat a not perfect HD signal and an attempt to clean it up before showing it on screen.

Toshiba has also announced that it will be launching to REGZA 720p TV with a built-in DVD player however not an HD DVD player.

On the 1080p front, Toshiba has added to its HL167 Series. The company has announced a 52 inch model that features 1080p full HD support to add to its 42 inch and 47 inch models.

Finally the company has launched the Cinema Series REGZA 1080p Full HD LZ177 Series.

Four screens make up the range in 42in, 46in and new 52in and 57in models.

The 2007 range will feature a new technology called ClearFrame, which is an anti-blur technology developed by Toshiba. The new televisions will also feature the new HDMI standard HDMI 1.3.

All the televisions will be launched between April and July this year.